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WhaTech Report Shows Growth of WebRTC Market

December 07, 2015

There is enough WebRTC industry news to support an entire channel at TMC. That channel alone should imply that the market is gathering momentum and will continue to hold its own among all other current methods of real-time communications.

Well, implications aside, reports abound that support the idea that WebRTC has some real steam behind it. A recent showcase at WhaTech makes it known that Web-based communications has inserted itself into a number of business types and industries.

First and foremost, WhaTech points out that WebRTC may play a huge role in the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), especially in North America, through at least 2020. Although the IoT tends to bring up thoughts of connected microwaves perhaps more than mobile phones, it doesn’t engender the term Internet of Everything for no reason. The “Everything” in that context refers to connected devices everywhere, and it may include devices such as small-cell mobile network nodes, Wi-Fi bridges, and end users’ devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Users may end up using Web-based interfaces to operate their home thermostats from the workplace, and along the way, they will likely have their signals passed through some part of the IoT.

WebRTC could also play a strong part in social media throughout this decade. Browser-controlled connections may be essential from both a consumer-to-consumer perspective and also from the business end of things. First, consumers who are friends on Facebook, as just one example, could initiate conversations in real-time through desktop and mobile messengers that take advantage of WebRTC to handle such connections. Beyond that, businesses can begin to connect their customer service agents to customers through social media in that same way. Everything will happen in the browser for the convenience of agents and customers alike.

This wide-reaching industry development has attracted some major telecoms and a number of startups. Many – 3clogic, Alcatel-Lucent, Aspect, Broadsoft, Genband, TokBox, and Vocalcom, which are all mentioned in the WhaTech report – have done will and are expected to continue to enhance the field. Newcomers will undoubtedly filter in and provide increased functionality through both proprietary and open-source application program interfaces.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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