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GENBAND Celebrates 2015, Looks Ahead to More #RTC Innovation

December 10, 2015

Real time communications have had a stand out year as far as the tech space is concerned. The ability to have instant, any-time access to people and information has changed the way we do things in just about every aspect of life. From conducting business to monitoring our health. 2015 has been filled with headlines of the latest innovations in this market and right at the forefront of many of those announcements has been, GENBAND.

The company’s Kandy platform-as-a-service solution makes it possible, via APIs and SDKs, to embed real-time communications into already existing business workflows. 

This year it celebrated the one year anniversary of Kandy which has partners including global brands like IBM, Deloitte and SAP.

Perhaps one of the biggest acknowledgements of the innovation that is taking place inside of GENBAND was being named a "2015 CBNC Disruptor 50” back in May.

“Being honored as a “disruptor” amongst companies like UBER and AIRBNB is a huge honor and being listed ahead of the likes of Pinterest, Twilio, Spotify and Snapchat makes us feel even more proud of what we are doing in the marketplace,” said Patrick Joggerst, EVP and CMO of GENBAND. 

Not only did it highlight the company’s innovation, but it also allowed more people to understand fully how much GENBAND is already doing in this space.

“I wish I had a dollar for every time a reporter, industry analyst or customer told me, “I had no idea that GENBAND is leading so much Real Time Communications innovation.”  

As far as the market as a whole is concerned, Joggerst noted that 2015 saw a significant change in end users finally embracing “the cloud” and buying RTC-as-a-Service is becoming more acceptable to forward thinking IT managers and SMBs.

But the year wasn’t without some setbacks. One big obstacle Joggerst noted the market had to face this past year was the, “chilling effect that the FCC’s decision on Net Neutrality has had on carrier capital spending.”

“I think it has taken some time for carriers to digest the decision and start investing again, albeit cautiously.  That has been the biggest impact in the U.S. market.”

And one cannot talk about 2015 without mentioning security. The industry is still grappling with ways to address the issues.

“In all markets we are seeing a greater emphasis on data security, including national data privacy regulation where countries will not allow their data to be stored in data centers that are not inside their boundaries.”

Despite this, 2016 is already looking to be an exciting one as far as real time communications are concerned. Joggerst predicts we’ll see, “increasing “webification” of real time communications.”

“More and more apps will feature embedded real time communications capabilities and sophisticated software that power major business processes will follow the lead of innovative companies like SAP by inserting rich communications and collaboration into their software – and thus, into the fundamental business processes.”

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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