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Real Time Communications Week in Review: Mind Commerce, Atlassian, GENBAND

December 12, 2015

It's been another great week at Real Time Communications World, and with such a week comes plenty of news. With so much going on from new content additions to hardware developments, it's good to have some time to take a step back and consider the wider impact of all these changes. The weekend gives us time to do just that, so put on another cup of coffee and let's run down the biggest news with our Week in Review coverage!

First, a report from Mind Commerce showed us that Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) can be more than just a powerful communications tool. It can also be a major content delivery mechanism, with users able to store a variety of media and then share said media, ranging from music and pictures to video and even games. Substantial growth for WebRTC is also expected over the next five years, and even developing markets will get in on the action.

Next, word from Riverbed Technology showed that businesses were desperate for high-quality apps. With poor app performance almost universally regarded as an impediment to business on some level, getting the most out of an app becomes vital to businesses. Businesses also depend on app performance to provide a variety of benefits, ranging from better morale and productivity to actual cost savings. When the apps don't hold up that end of the deal, the whole system starts to buckle.

GENBAND was next out of the gate, looking both back at 2015 and forward to 2016. The one-year anniversary of Kandy hit in 2015, and with it has brought several new partners to the brand, making it a stronger force than ever in communications. GENBAND's position on the CNBC Disruptor 50 list back in May was also a huge development, but 2016 won't be shy of developments either, with GENBAND looking forward to the “increasing webification of real time communications.”

Then Atlassian stepped in with new reports of its IPO. Trading under the ticker symbol TEAM, Atlassian looked to sell 22 million shares at $21 per share, yielding a valuation of $4.4 billion. A slate of tools, from the bug-tracker JIRA to the HipChat instant messenger app, along with a business plan to offer free product trials and keep its sales mainly Web-based, combined to put reason behind such a valuation.

Finally, we had a look at why “good enough” technology often isn't. While many are willing to accept good enough as “good enough”, problems quickly emerge from this strategy. Good enough might be, indeed, good enough for today, but what about tomorrow? No one wants to be frequently upgrading material to keep up with the flow of business.

That was the week that was in real time communications, and news was in great supply this week. Brought back by our global online community, we see that development in this field is rampant. So be sure to join us back here next week for all the latest, and every weekend for our Week in Review coverage!


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