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Atlas Communications (A Smart IMS Company) Looks Back on Exciting Year of Change and Growth

December 15, 2015

It has been a significant year for Atlas Communications Technology, a company that has a long-time history and expertise in the unified communications (UC) space and related technologies. Originally focused on migrating traditional PBX systems to SIP-based telecom solutions, the company now helps companies design, build and manage a host of intelligent, real-time communications services.

We got a chance to speak to Indrajit Ghosh (I.G.) CEO of newly formed Cloud and Managed Services division of Smart IMS about some of the highlights of 2015, including the Atlas Communications acquisition by Smart IMS.

“We had been in a joint venture with them for many years, and after building a very successful managed services business, in partnership with some great service providers, we decided to make our combination more formal and are now officially part of the same family,” said Ghosh. Together, the companies deployed new customer solutions while jointly managing a record number of networks, applications and platforms in 2015.

They are also now working together on integrating some important technologies and solution trends. Since Atlas has been focused on real-time communications for 17 years, the company is in a unique position to observe some of the changes in the space. Ghosh said multimedia messaging apps have become much more simplified, while he has observed many web experiences now being enhanced with live expert support over the past year. Browser experience sharing and the replacement of 800 calling services with apps like virtual automated attendants are also popular trends in the RTC space.

“The other trend we are watching closely and building around is IoT - but the IoT with RTC ‘in stream’ - so machine-to-machine-to-person, and combinations like that which allow people to interact not only with each other but with their Nest home energy system, their home security systems, their cars, their Fitbits, and more,” said Ghosh. “IoT has been slow in taking hold in our space, but we are now seeing what could be huge opportunities to make our increasingly connected lives more manageable and fun - and more secure.”

Atlas is also very excited about the growth and deployment of NFV and SDN solutions in 2015. Largely because the technologies facilitate RTC “as a service,” while also making it affordable and profitable. The company also has a long-time history providing managed services and NFV and SDN can help them build out their offerings to ultimately create more value for their customers.

Of course Atlas faced challenges in 2015 as well, particularly with working out the kinks of their new relationship with Smart IMS. And the company ultimately benefited from its changes in the form of increased revenues.

“We were very fortunate this year to achieve double digit increases in our revenues, and grateful to our loyal customers for their confidence and business,” said Ghosh. “We are extremely well positioned to continue to serve many more customers and serve our existing customers even more deeply, bringing them new solutions that will help them operate more efficiently, save money and make sure their customers are happy.” 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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