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GENBAND's Patrick Joggerst Shares Tech Predictions for 2016

December 21, 2015

“The only thing that is constant is change.”  This quote from Greek philosopher Heraclitus has remained relevant today and can especially be applied in the tech space where constant innovation is forcing people to adapt and grow at an accelerated pace.

Unified Communications is one market where we are seeing new offerings being introduced almost daily. This growth means better, faster, more reliable communications for work and play.

Real time communications solutions provider GENBAND offers Network Modernization, Unified Communications, Mobility and Embedded Communications solutions to a vast customer base.

The company’s Kandy platform-as-a-service solution makes it possible to use APIs and SDKs to embed RTC into existing business workflows. 

I took some time recently to chat with GENBAND’s EVP and CMO Patrick Joggerst, to hear more about his predictions for the tech space in 2016 and what’s in store for the company. 

Joggerst noted that we will see increasing “webification” of real time communications in 2016.

“More and more apps will feature embedded real time communications capabilities and sophisticated software that powers major business processes will follow the lead of innovative companies like SAP by inserting rich communications and collaboration into their software – and thus, into fundamental business processes.”

Speaking of innovative companies, Joggerst also said the company is participating in IBM Connect for the first time next month which will offer an opportunity to share innovative solutions with IBM partners and customers and continue the excitement and traction in the market, especially among the IBM ecosystem.

“This will be our first IBM Connect event. We have been working with IBM for more than a year to explore collaboration opportunities and new ways to extend the power of real time communications and we will have some exciting news to share on this front in the near future.”

The future also includes some new ideas and steps for the company’s Kandy platform.

“The market is moving fast and rapid service creation and introduction is key.”

Joggerst explained that in this quickly changing world, it is vital to bring new concepts to market fast and continue to try new ideas, abandon those that don’t catch fire, and quickly move on to the next.

This he said, is what the company had in mind when it undertook an effort in 2015 to rebuild its fring white labeled OTT solution on the Kandy platform.

With the new version of fring, it’s possible to quickly add new potential revenue generating applications into the OTT client. 

And the benefits are already paying off. “We are currently evaluating and implementing several new revenue generating ideas based on feedback and suggestions from our customers at our recent fring Alliance Summit in Istanbul,” Joggerst said.

Adopting Kandy is especially important today, he noted, as service providers, enterprises, software vendors, systems integrators and developers all fight to keep up with changes and demands in the market.

“We have hundreds of use cases in real time communications for both Unified Communications (UC) and embedded communications inside of business processes software that can transform the way we work and collaborate.”

Joggerst said that as they explore the use cases with service providers, most understand that they cannot afford to miss the wave of embedded communications required to address the growing "Network of Everything.”

“In just five years, the number of addressable endpoints will grow to 50 billion. Savvy carriers are taking note and will compete and win. Adopting Kandy lets them successfully get into the RTC game, while competing quickly and economically.”

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