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IBM Brings Real-Time Alerts to its Cloud Dev Platform

December 31, 2015

Nothing sinks the heart of devops faster than discovery that an app or cloud service is not performing as expected and has been down for a few minutes, hours or days.

Helping devops staff ensure that these nasty discoveries don’t go unaddressed for very long, IBM has just announced that it has launched a new real-time notification service for its Bluemix cloud platform.

The new IBM Alert Notification Service allows devops to instantly receive critical alerts on potential issues before these issues start affecting users.

The real-time service can sends alerts via SMS, email and voice, tipping off operations staff when there’s a problem with an application in their Bluemix cloud, according to the company. These notifications can be customized, so devops personnel can monitor areas critical to their cloud offerings.

The service also provides historical network analytics by way of IBM’s Netcool Operations Insight. This service gives a singular view across networks and operations, something that can help developers spot trends and issues in the making.

This alert service is a needed piece of the Bluemix platform because it further delivers on the goal of the platform: making devops easier and more agile.

Launched in 2014, Bluemix has become one of the world’s largest cloud deployment foundries. Bluemix helps devops build and run apps faster, and services and APIs to extend the platform to include Internet of Things connectivity, analytics support and artificial intelligence through IBM’s Watson supercomputing platform. Bluemix can be connected with third-party providers such as Twilio, which lets devops easily use VOIP and unified communications in their offerings.

Availability and performance alerts via IBM Alert Notification Service give businesses a distinct competitive advantage through increased reliability. Managing the complexity of apps and cloud services can be a challenge, and having real-time alerts cuts down on the chances of issues that take down services. By delivering these alerts via the common communications channels of SMS, email and voice, it brings key notifications to the devops in the right place at the right time for quick resolution.

Agility and quick resolution is the name of the game, and IBM’s new service is a welcome addition for anyone currently using Bluemix.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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