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VoxImplant Updating Instant Messaging, Web SDK

January 07, 2016

VoxImplant, a provider of communications features for mobile developers, recently announced that it is working on upgrades to its instant messaging tool and its Web software development kit (SDK).

The company noted, in its latest announcement, that the previous instant messaging functionality it offered only allowed developers to access one-to-one chats. It has long needed an upgrade to group messaging and an addition of contact lists and recorded message history. It appears that those features are still in development but are close to a commercial release.

This pre-release announcement says VoxImplant is currently fine tuning the tutorial that will explain how to use these new features. It plans to soon release the latest version of its simple messenger on GitHub, which is expected to contain all the features listed above as well as message history search, presence, and connection to users through the VoxImplant HTTP API.

For connections through Web browsers, the Web SDK comes into play. It has long allowed many browsers to utilize WebRTC to complete their voice and video chats and data transfers. For users that prefer Internet Explorer and Safari, though, the SDK was not able to help them. Complications with native support of WebRTC in those browsers made it hard to give those users the same tools others (Firefox, Chrome) were used to.

Now, however, the SDK supports the Temasys WebRTC plugin for Internet Explorer and Safari. This gives developers the option of providing such users with voice and video calling through both local and remote webcams.

What this all means for developers is pretty clear. Increased functionality of these tools, as TMC has previously mentioned, leads users toward access to communications from anywhere, on any operating system, on any device. As real-time communications becomes more ingrained in business life, it is hard to predict a world that does not rely on some form of WebRTC – a protocol that has a lot of momentum because of its ease of use and universal access to major Web browsers.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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