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Zipwhip Reports 365 Percent Growth in 2015

January 07, 2016

Zipwhip develops a cloud-based messaging platform for enterprises. As a company, it has experienced substantial growth in the past year, and at the beginning of this month it showed interested readers just how much it has expanded.

Perhaps the most definitive figure associated with Zipwhip’s growth is that which it experienced in its landline voice service and its toll-free texting. Year over year, ending December 2014, the company showed 365 percent more annual growth rate than in the previous year. If that is not enough, it also increased its message traffic volume 300 percent in 2015. John Lauer, the CEO of Zipwhip, said that this demonstration has given his company the confidence to jump into another round of funding.

His comment from the latest news release:

“Our growth has been great, and more importantly the industry has taken form over the last year. We plan on staying focused on improving our product and building our team, but the market is too big not to raise another round of capital,” Lauer said.

In January 2015, Zipwhip raised $5 million in capital that it reportedly used to increase the scope of its development team. Such development has led it into the markets of automotive, fitness, insurance, transportation, and medical. The common thread between the businesses it attracts appears to be a high reliance on phone and text message for support lines. As just one example, readers can easily imagine the amount of calling that support staff completes just in contacting patients about their medications.

One of the biggest problems Lauer said business of those types encounter is the sending of text messages to landline phones. Consumers have begun to expect all phones to be able to accept texts, but many business operations do not have that capability. This was the impetus for Zipwhip’s inclusion of text messaging capability with its voice calling support. It also explains the hundreds of percent the company has experienced in 12 months.

Another round of funding equal to January 2015 could give Zipwhip even more momentum in the new year. Another $5 million could help it move into more markets by doubling down on its development team or expanding its sales and marketing departments. Lauer did not indicate exactly who his company was targeting in its search for more capital, but the writers at TMC should pick up that news as soon as it hits the airwaves.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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