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Comings & Goings: Didier Jaubert Named as Arkadin CEO

January 07, 2016

Arkadin SAS has made a major announcement naming Didier Jaubert as the CEO of the company. The company is a worldwide provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) services and a subsidiary of NTT Communications. It is also one of the fastest growing and largest providers of its kind, with points of presence in 33 countries and 56 operations centers. The decision to make Jaubert the CEO was made by the Chief Executive Office and founder of Arkadin, Olivier de Puymorin.

Jaubert will be tasked with the responsibility of operational management of the company and it will have control over all of its subsidiaries across the world. Puymorin will remain as CEO of Arkadin International which is the holding company that Arkadin runs under.  The two will work closely together, with Puymorin overseeing the NTT Communications relationship and the overall strategy of the group.

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Arkadin is free to continue its impressive growth and influence in the market of audio, video, and web conferencing products as well as its Unified Communications solutions for the industry. The company has leveraged its cloud foundation and infrastructure features to deliver quality products to over 37,000 customers around the world. From small companies to global enterprises, the company has supported and collaborated with some of the most significant names in the business.  Jaubert’s leadership will help drive that standard of excellence on into fields that he specializes in. These include the entire spectrum of UC&C services, technology multinationals and telco multinational organizations. 

Jaubert will also be at the helm of a talented group of personnel and it is expected that the work done under his watch will allow the company to conquer new markets and relationships. Unified communications continues to be a major field for growth and reinvention in countless business scenarios around the globe. Strong leadership and commitment to service are two of the most valued characteristics in an industry that bears all the hallmarks of enterprise-grade business.

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