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Nuance Brings Voice Intelligence to Samsung's Family Hub Refrigerator

January 11, 2016

Nuance Communications provides its advanced voice and language solutions to businesses and consumers across the globe, whether in the form of broad use cases like artificial intelligence for the omnichannel contact center or for much more niche scenarios. For an example of the latter, consider the company’s recent announcement that its voice technologies power the new Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.

Revealed last week at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator aims to build on the concept of the smart fridge, taking it to another level in terms of intelligence. This is mostly thanks to a voice user interface that allows people to talk to the refrigerator to access food and recipe content, as well as apps and more.

In fact, Samsung’s latest smart fridge is a sophisticated multitasker as it can help users organize groceries and home tasks, connect families and even provide entertainment. This is facilitated in part by the 21.5-inch high definition display on the right door of the fridge that is essentially a tablet running Samsung’s Tizen OS, which has mostly been seen only in the Korean company’s wearables, like the Samsung Gear S.

With Nuance’s embedded voice technology, however, the Samsung appliance becomes more than a fridge with a tablet in it as it supports “far talking” capabilities, giving users the ability to launch and engage with apps and services from anywhere in the room. This allows the Family Hub Refrigerator to provide functionality tablets and smartphones can’t, allowing people to access recipes, create shopping lists and more even from across the kitchen.

“The rate of innovation in the Internet of Things is creating a world where the everyday appliances we take for granted are becoming smarter and useful in ways we never imagined—as evidenced by the Samsung Family Hub,” said Mike Thompson, executive vice president and general manager for Nuance Mobile. “But as this intelligence evolves, it’s critical to have an interface that allows consumers to seamlessly tap into this intelligence—and that is where the human intuition of voice shines in this increasingly connected world.”

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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