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Voxeet Brings 3D Surround Sound to the Mobile Workforce

January 11, 2016

One big reason that we maintain home theaters instead of watching everything on mobile devices is sound quality. Getting big, room-filling sound—particularly 3D surround sound—tends to be a bit more than a typical smartphone can handle. That may not be the case much longer based on a new development from Voxeet, which brings 3D surround sound to a mobile workforce collaboration tool.

Voxeet is perhaps better known for its TrueVoice technology, a system which provides 3D surround sound to a variety of devices. This same technology can also be used to make a conference call sound less like a standard phone call and more like a dynamic, fully-realized experience, which is a great thing for the mobile workforce that uses such technology routinely. With Voxeet 4.0, called a first for the industry, that TrueVoice technology is now in place.

Voxeet 4.0 is said to work smoothly on most any mobile device, and can readily transfer from one device to the other. Users can join conversations directly from the Web itself, which means there's no need to download an app, and that makes it much easier to not only get started, but also carry on. A new look and overall operation are also said to be in play, and that's a development that will likely prove positive for users. Essentially, Voxeet can not only make the process of connecting as smooth as possible, but likewise improve the audio generated during such a conversation.

With word from the International Data Corporation (IDC) suggesting that, by 2020, the mobile workforce in the United States will reach 105.4 million—up from 96.2 million in 2015—the need for the best in mobile workforce support will be clear. Since mobility is rapidly becoming a direct equivalent for productivity, as noted by IDC's Bryan Bassett, more mobility will likely be brought in, and thus require the right tools to support it.

Businesses are realizing the impact that comes from having people working where said people are most comfortable. Throw in the morale impact of not having to drive in to work, especially when the weather's particularly life-threatening and it only gets better. Add in cost savings—no more pain at the gas pump or heating and cooling buildings—and there's plenty of reason to carry on with a mobile workforce  With tools like Voxeet, meanwhile, many of the common objections can be overcome. There's no loss of team or inability to get ideas from everyone when everyone can connect remotely.

Mobile workforces render time zones almost no problem at all with a little advance planning, improve morale, and deliver savings all around. Tools like Voxeet help make the push to a mobile workforce a reality, and give businesses the chance to take advantage of all those potential gains.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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