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Xura and Wikot Partner to Bring Secure, App-Based Communication to Financial Sector

January 14, 2016

Xura, a provider of digital communications services, has entered into a partnership with digital marketing agency Wikot to deliver “tomorrow’s click-to-communicate interactive solutions.” This collaboration will draw on Wikot’s app development expertise and Xura’s real-time web and mobile engagement technology to create digital apps for the financial sector, allowing banks to offer an authenticated and contextual messaging experience to customers.

“Today, consumers want a communication experience from their banks that feel as familiar as popular over-the-top messaging services,” said Eric Bilange, EVP Enterprise, Xura. “With Xura and Wikot, retail banks and financial services companies can easily launch richer communication apps and websites with the added element of the human touch, providing immediate, authenticated interaction with appropriate bank personnel, without customers having to visit a branch.”

In December, Xura released its Signaling Fraud Management System, which can provide protection for mobile operators’ signaling networks, preventing them from falling prey to sophisticated exploits and security threats.

Xura’s collaboration with Wikot leverages their joint experience in building rich, compelling communication apps which enterprises can prototype and deploy quickly to meet the needs of today’s customers. In particular, this partnership will integrate Xura’s forge SDK with Wikot’s digital contact center HiOi to deliver highly secure, commercial grade, omni-channel engagement with contextual communications at the core.

Together, Xura and Wikot have created what they call the “digital branch,” which showcases how customers can connect directly to an available bank customer service representative from a mobile device or kiosk application using instant messaging, voice, video or data transfer. Currently, the partnership is exploring opportunities to bring this digital branch to one of Latin American’s biggest banks.

“Our new digital branch is fully functioning and demonstrates how financial services organizations can differentiate themselves by connecting to customers in richer, more efficient ways,” added Bilange. “By integrating Xura’s forge SDK with Wikot’s call center app, the partnership perfectly complements the banking market as it moves to real-time, digital interaction, to streamline customer engagement, drive increased satisfaction and generate cost savings.”

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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