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The Perfect Network Doesn't Exist, But You Can Work Towards It

January 15, 2016

In a perfect world, networks are predictable elements of a company’s infrastructure. But the world is not perfect. You can expect the unexpected to happen, especially in the field of networking. To run down a few examples, unexpected spikes in bandwidth can come up, application can slow to an unexplained crawl, voice quality can suddenly decline, users can suddenly call in to report slow websites, and information stores such as databases might start to fail because of network elements. These are big issues that can cause tremendous impact and can hurt productivity, or even cause a security lapse.

Solutions exist to deal with these issues, and they can generally be classified under the practice of proactive network management. This is the practice of stepping up and engaging in the management of networks in a way that intercepts these kinds of problems before they become problems. The term proactive is commonly heard in information technology circles, but while technology solutions are great, there are also procedural elements that are required to implement a better posture. Organizational focus procured at a departmental level is part of the formula as well, but from the technical side of things, the right tool will help in the implementation of a proactive environment. Ultimately, this proactive approach is designed to allow the technology staff to combat issues that may be otherwise hidden. The alternative is waiting until such time that it is too late and react to crisis situations.

The most critical element in any proactive plan is the implementation of strong tool sets that support this type of initiative. Nectar Services Corp is a company that delivers this type of software for the unified communications industry. Its technology was selected by Atlas Communications Technology to support its IP network infrastructure. Atlas is looking to integrate this strategic network management tool in order to guarantee the collaborative features that they have deployed on their network. In addition, Nectar has been evolving their networks in order to accommodate greater features and expanded capabilities on behalf of its customers. The company sees the need to maximize its network as a priority and business necessity. Among the features that Nectar provides, Atlas will benefit from the increased visibility into the health and performance of the system as well as diagnostic information.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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