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Real Time Communications Week in Review: Nuance, Voxeet, Polycom

January 16, 2016

With the annual ITEXPO coming up rapidly, a lot of exciting new developments are hitting the real time communications market. There was no shortage of news, and to help keep it all straight as we enjoy a weekend and get ready for the week ahead, we offer up one great way to help: our Week in Review coverage!

First we had word from Nuance, who was putting its own breed of voice technology into the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator. Well known for not only being able to keep track of what's inside, but also being able to place orders and pay for same with mobile payment systems, Nuance technology allows users to launch apps on the refrigerator from just about anywhere in the room. This allows for everything from accessing recipes to playing appropriate dinner music all from a refrigerator.

Next came Voxeet, who brought an unexpected advantage to mobile workforce operatives and other telecom users: 3D surround sound. Voxeet brought its TrueVoice technology to Voxeet 4.0, which allows the TrueVoice system to be used on mobile devices. That improves sound quality for users, and since Voxeet 4.0 has other functions as well—including being able to smoothly transfer calls from one device to another—the end result is a versatile program that offers a lot of benefit for its users.

Polycom then stepped in as we heard about its RealPresence Clariti system, designed to improve collaboration for workers. RealPresence Clariti offers a complete HD voice and video tools complete with content sharing and Web collaboration functions, working well with Lync and a variety of other unified communications (UC) tools. A flexible license allows for better management, and the system will be available starting in 2016's first quarter.

Then we turned to an upcoming presenter at ITEXPO, Coinsquare's founder and managing director Virgile Rostand, Ph.D. Rostand offered up an exciting look at how virtual reality might be about more than just games, and how it—along with augmented reality—could be a game-changer in the office as well as in the living room. Rostand offered insights on social media, changes in technology, wearable tech and mobile devices, and much more.

Finally we had a look at the dream of every IT staffer: a perfect network. Such a thing doesn't exist in nature—any human-made system has a certain failure potential—but it is a goal we can work toward. Perhaps the biggest element of a push toward a perfect network is proactive responses to issues, including the best tools for repair. Nectar Services Corp, for example, offers one such tool in its network management systems, and effective management makes problems small enough to be easily missed by users.

That was the week that was in real time communications, and it was a huge week indeed. Our global online community was constantly in the hunt for fresh news. So be sure to join us back here next week for all the latest from this growing front, and every weekend as well for our Week in Review coverage!

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