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When the Frontiers of Technology Meet Recruiting

January 18, 2016

Technology developments in the field of employee recruitment don’t always get the top headlines, but these technologies are rapidly evolving and adopting some of the latest innovations in the industry. An example of this is the variety of cloud-based recruiting tools that have become prevalent throughout a variety of products. Cloud features come to many applications, but there is a specialized value when applied to large recruiting operations that spread across the country and around the world.

Additionally, recruiting itself has changed in scope significantly thanks to opportunities of technology. For example, consider the case of a typical company that is growing and hiring at a rapid pace. These types of companies often rely on finding a very diverse set of recruits across wide points of engagement. These recruits can come in across a variety of channels including Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and so on. Recruits still come in through external recruiters and referrals as well. This is not an uncommon common scenario, but some have looked at this approach as being possibly inefficient. Technologies have introduced the ability to quickly seek feedback and make better hiring decisions through a strategic recruitment approach. There is a potential business advantage in the ability to help reduce costs, reduce time spent interviewing candidates that are not likely to be a match for the company, and improve the base of employees across the board.

Companies wish to make connections with the best candidates through efficient and reasonable means. Recruiting technology platforms have gotten smarter to the needs of the enterprise such that advanced templates and evaluation process elements have the found their way into a variety of tools that are used in the hiring process. The key to any application of technology is the objective analysis and processing of available information. This information is exchanged with hiring personnel, recruits, and managers then is reflected back from different points in the hiring process.

Another trend in the recruiting field is a growth in integration across different platforms. The result of this integration of technologies between Lever, a recruiting software company and Eventbrite, a self-service ticketing platform, is an enhanced product that allows company to identify, interview, and hire the best talent possible. One of the value points of this platform is the ability to maximize information from points throughout the recruitment and hiring process. Tracking and sourcing throughout the incoming employee life cycle is enhanced by modern technologies that are specifically focused on the needs of modern recruitment industry. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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