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CM Telecom Launches New Analytics Tool

January 21, 2016

CM Telecom recently launched a real time analytics tool known as CM Analytics for messaging and conversion, designed to report information as it’s generated. The CM Analytics tool is built around all of the elements of a responsive and interactive web experience that produces real-time actionable insights made against the data of conversions and messaging traffic.

There are many ways to harness the power of real time analytics. This revelation in technology has allowed companies and entire industries to utilize vast amounts of enterprise data and resources when and where they are needed most. This is occurring as an increasingly faster and more powerful web is making analytics and data more accessible than ever. Internet giants such as Twitter and Facebook are building their own systems that operate in the scale of petabytes of real-time data. Many other companies operate at a critical volume of scale, meeting their own needs for data and readiness.

CM Telecom’s tool is focused on mobile delivery, and real time knowledge is what makes all the difference. CM Analytics allows users to optimize every element surrounding delivery and it delivers this information on the whole in real time. The instant feedback that is unlocked by its powerful platform enables companies to tweak live campaigns and optimize content according to conditions and demands. Customers get the information that they want when they want it and  the delivery of urgent messages is ensured. 

While CM Analytics is specific in its use, analyzing the big picture while utilizing the granular details of widespread networks is a modern case in motion of real time analytics, especially at scale.

Up to the minute information about enterprise customers and their services allows for better business decisions to be made. In many cases, especially in real time scenarios, resolution can occur within the time span during which a customer is interacting or expecting some experience. The perception that is gained by the customer is resiliency, power, reliability, and speed. Dynamic data analysis makes it all possible, and utilizing analytics tools for messaging and conversion analysis such as CM Telecom is a powerful tool in the analytics arsenal.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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