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Verint and Squiz Help Governments Transform Digitally

January 21, 2016

Unlike the private sector, which can adapt much quicker to changes in technology, public organizations take a little longer before new technologies are implemented. This not only frustrates end users, but the late adoption is less efficient, which could increase costs in many ways in the long run. A new partnership between Verint Systems and Squiz is looking to help governments with practical advice by recognizing and overcoming potential barriers to make the digital transformation taking place around us much simpler.

The US budget for IT in 2015 was $81.4 billion, and even though the government has specified this large amount for technology use, it doesn’t always mean the right decisions are made. The launch of is a glaring example of everything that can go wrong if the right solutions, developers, service providers and expertise are not used.

Verint Systems, provider of actionable intelligence that counts 80 percent of the Fortune 100 as its customers, and Squiz, a global technology and strategy business, have come together with a global partnership to provide market-leading digital transformation strategies for governments.

As the world we live in becomes more connected with the Internet of Things (IoT), which will include smart homes, cities and infrastructure, municipalities have to deploy technologies that are able to manage all of these connections and the data they produce. It also means providing value added services for their citizens in a manner that is efficient and easily accessible by the end user.

Identifying the digital transformation that needs to take place and following up with the right technology is what Vering and Squiz look to do by designing, connecting systems and executing their strategies.

The consultancy Squiz provides is a comprehensive digital transformation that includes, strategy, customer experience design, analytics, accessibility audits, content mentoring and training. It uses its own content management system (CMS), Matrix, and search engine, Funnelback to make this possible.

The technology Verint brings to the table, the Verint Engagement Management solution, is already being used by governments in many different countries around the world.

“Our Verint digital-first engagement management offering provides public sector organizations with the technology they need to be successful today and in the future,” said David Moody, vice president and global practice leader, government and public sector, Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions.

The Engagement Management platform includes, Digital-Assisted Service, Human-Assisted Service, Process Optimization, Workforce Optimization, Customer Insight and Customer Success. This all-inclusive solution lets governments provide services that allows its citizens help themselves anytime, anywhere and on any device to access the resources they need.

The platform also includes Web, social, community, mobile, SMS and text, secure messaging and virtual assistant to address all possible touch points customers may be using whether it is self-service or human-assisted service.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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