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Real Time Communications Week in Review: Polycom, GENBAND, CM Telecom

January 23, 2016

When it comes to real time communications, it can seem like there's no end to new developments. With good reason, too; this is a field that's still fairly new, but still undergoing plenty of changes. So now that we've got a weekend on hand, let's sum up some of the biggest developments of this week with our Week in Review coverage!

First, Polycom offered some great news to 8x8, who walked away with Polycom's Global Service Provider of the Year award. Polycom offered up a lot of recognition to its channel partners recently with its 2015 Circle of Excellence Awards ceremony, and offered recognition to those who “excel at incorporating value-added solutions and services which create lasting value for customers.” 8x8 took the honor for its work with Bailey International, and its newest patent, among other points.

Next we saw what happens when real time communications get involved in recruiting. The changing nature of work—less a place you go and more a thing you do—means that companies can recruit from all over and get the best talent for a talent pool. That's meant changes in the way recruiting takes place, and real time communications tools allow companies in one city, state, or country to go after talent in completely different locales.

GENBAND stepped in next with a roster change, as it moved Patrick Joggerst from its chief marketing officer to its executive vice president of global sales and marketing. Joggerst will continue to handle the company's marketing efforts, but will also have sales under his umbrella as well. Joggerst has a substantial background in sales and marketing efforts, previously working AT&T, BroadSoft, NextPoint Networks and several other firms.

Then we had a look at network functions virtualization (NFV) and its movement in the market. It's going beyond the “proof of concept” stage and starting to deliver some real value. Large carriers are starting to look more closely at the technology for use in current operations. With NFV, organizations can more rapidly bring out networking functions, and modify same as needed for a more agile organization that better works in current conditions.

Finally, a new analytics tool from CM Telecom stepped in, allowing users to not only get information about the network as it's operating, in real time, but also help optimize all the elements contained therein. The depth of information involved, coupled with the immediacy of its delivery, means the best solutions can be delivered the most rapidly, helping ensure the best experience for the user.

That was the week that was in real time communications, and it's plain to see there was no shortage of new options for users to put to work. This field has plenty of room for growth, and our global online community showed just how much comes out of this field every week. Be sure to join us back here next week—there likely won't be a shortage of new events then either—and every weekend for our Week in Review coverage!

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