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Stonegate Fellowship Chooses DigitalGlue for Video Transmission

January 25, 2016

Now that high-speed Internet access is common in the U.S, many organizations have adapted its capabilities to meet their needs. One such force, the church, now has the ability to live stream services for those who cannot attend. Its specific division, the Stonegate Fellowship in Midland, Texas is taking that ability even further by broadcasting services from its main center to a remote campus in Odessa.

DigitalGlue recently reported that Stonegate has chosen its VideoFlow Digital Video Protection service that makes sure all transmissions are properly encoded and protected from hiccups in the IP network. Instead of relying on a private T1 network or similar setup, which would be costly, the church has chosen to rely on a basic Internet connection for both ease of use and cost savings. Sean Busby, the president of DigitalGlue, has more on his company’s purpose in this arrangement.

“Controlling both operating and capital expenses is typically a very large concern for a house of worship, but the emergence of IP solutions has really changed the game for multi-campus churches like Stonegate Fellowship,” Busby began. “Previously, securing the bandwidth necessary to transmit high-quality video meant establishing point-to-point private T1 or fractional DS3 connections, or investing in satellite equipment and airtime. Not only were these options expensive, but they would often require months to get up and running and involve complex interconnections among local service providers.”

He continued by noting that Stonegate will be able to avoid all those pitfalls by working with DigitalGlue in this manner. First, the use of VideoFlow will work as a drop-in product that acts on top of an existing Internet connection. This makes it simple for church officials to begin their use of the service and test transmissions to make sure attendees of the Odessa service can see and hear them clearly. VideoFlow uses the high-speed connection of only one Internet service provider and enhances the signal to ensure a consistent stream. By protecting against packet loss and noise inherent in any multi-purpose connection, audio and video can move clearly from point to point.

Finally, VideoFlow begins and continues operation with a relatively high cost to the church. Setting up a private T1 line between church branches would not only have been difficult to set up and maintain, it would have been a burden on their budget. In the early stages of its use, Worship Pastor Tyler Dodds commented that the church’s experience with DigitalGlue has met its expectations regarding cost and overall result – exemplified in the “unified and joyful worship experience” the branches now enjoy.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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