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New Social Network Enables Productivity, Collaboration

January 25, 2016

Social networks have forever changed the web. Long before social networks arrived, the web was a different place and average people didn’t have much of an online presence. Fast forward to today and you will find a variety of social networks that thrive in an ever evolving and escalating social culture. Information can be shared about your career, your life, and anything else you want others to know. Shawn Finkelstein is using social a little bit differently. He is rolling out a new team-building social network called SFScoop. Slated for release in the spring of 2016, the tool is designed to help businesses streamline project work and improve results across the board by aggregating users on a social basis. Leveraging real-time communications using encrypted communications, the network is available over a variety of devices using Wi-Fi connections. Real-time communications and document sharing features to allow team members to collaborate in constructive ways.

Bringing social networking together with a productivity tool is a novel development. Looking back, social networking services focused on bringing Internet users together into online conversations that were focused on being fast flowing and open. Social media evolved, often breaking news out to friends, colleagues, and communities. It didn't take long before business opportunities intersected with social networks and marketing became a part of the fabric and monetization model on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Another interesting element about social networking is its intersection with mobility. Fast mobile networks and powerful smartphones have made social media sharing portable and more active than ever before.

The idea of a collaborative team tool that is focused on project work is not exactly groundbreaking territory. However, when you include the focus on social as a means to increase productivity, that is an approach that hasn't been seen on a wide scale just yet. By consolidating team members with similar skills and a vision towards accomplishing a group-based task, we may be looking at an evolution in social that directly impacts business in positive ways.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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