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Benton Communications Taps GENBAND's Network Transformation for Upgrades

February 01, 2016

Network upgrades are a fact of life for most any communications provider. Customers want those upgrades—even when the network was recently upgraded already—and businesses want to provide those things which can be profitably provided. To that end, Benton Communications turned to GENBAND for one impressive new upgrade, provided in the form of GENBAND's Network Transformation system.

Along with that, Benton also brought in the C15 Call Controller, a combined system that allowed for a handy way to pull inefficiency out of the network, and bring in a slate of new features. Now, Benton can offer video calling services, HD Voice, and several other options. This would likely prove welcome to Benton's customers, and since Benton has been a long-time customer of GENBAND's, turning to GENBAND proved the reasonable choice.

Better yet, the Network Transformation system gave Benton the means to upgrade its network without putting a lot of resources into the move; GENBAND's Network Transformation system often proves particularly cost-effective against more standard options. Keeping the system up and running is a big source of savings, as GENBAND's option can mean lower power costs, along with a reduced need for things like space and staff to manage the systems.

Benton operations manager Duane Wentland offered up some comment on why the company turned to GENBAND, noting that it was “...the logical choice” for an upgrade thanks to the length of time the two companies had worked together previously. GENBAND's line of solutions also offered a wide array of options, and that gave Benton the necessary tools to bring out more and better communications services to customers, making Benton in turn more valuable to its customer base.

Network upgrades are a fact of life, at least for those who want to keep the network from being a reason customers leave for another provider. While competition among network providers isn't always brisk, in those areas where it is, only having the best network offering overall—which naturally includes facets like price and overall customer experience—keeps a network provider up and running. It's great to see Benton actively embracing upgrades, and turning to GENBAND to get those upgrades in place and operational is a smart move by any stretch. Throw in the kind of savings that GENBAND's Network Transformation can provide—on things like power consumption in particular—and the value for both network providers and GENBAND alike is clear.

Power savings may sound like one of those vague eco-greenie goals to some, but power savings translate into cost savings. Cost savings are hard to pass up, and with GENBAND's Network Transformation systems, cost savings can come with extra features and a lot more value. Benton Communications is finding that much out first-hand.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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