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Accenture Predicts $2 Trillion in Worldwide Tech Growth

February 01, 2016

An interesting report emerged recently from Accenture, and it has put a tangible perspective on the effects of technology on global economic output. The report indicates that by the year 2020, an additional $2 trillion in global gross domestic product (GDP) will be connected in some way to digital skills, capital and goods and services.  The report is titled “Digital Disruption: The Growth Multiplier”, and within its discovery, the focus on eleven major countries around the world are included in its scope.

Delving into the aspects of continued growth around the world using digital means, the report forecasts the opportunities that are presented as digital economies spread. Opportunities for business are plenty, but Accenture looks at technology from the position of strategic opportunities for national growth. Essentially, by positioning business models in a way that can be digitally driven, businesses stand to improve efficiency by implementing key strategies which maximize human and business output.

With greater capabilities at the root of a growing number of emerging technologies, efficiency is a prime focus of technology opportunities. Cost savings, return on investment, and a number of other valued aspects underpin digital strategies in the world of business. From a worker’s perspective, mobile features, rapid access to business information and the ability to carry digital information anywhere in a secure fashion are a few of the leading features of modern technology.

There is little doubt that the broad effects of technology adoption on a national workforce can have a strong cumulative effect that can improve output. The emphasis within the Accenture report shows that the digital footprint of today constitutes about one fifth of the global gross domestic product, and it is suggested that there are many reasons why that figure could increase as digital skills and technology continue to see adoption.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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