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Bubble, Ziggeo Get Together to Tell Stories with Video

February 10, 2016

A picture, so the saying goes, is worth a thousand words. Thus a video can tell stories like no other medium can, and Bubble and Ziggeo have gotten together to put together a new means to use video to tell the stories of our lives.

While we expect video just about everywhere—from our newspaper page to our Facebook feeds and well beyond—adding video to a website or an app is a challenge on par with some of the greats. Requiring huge quantities of bandwidth, storage and processing—as well as potent technical knowledge—it's not easy to bring that desired video to different platforms.

However, with Ziggeo and Bubble, it just got a little easier. With Ziggeo now integrated as a plugin on Bubble's system, users can not only record their own video, but can also upload and play it back, without the need for extra code, and all from the Bubble interface. The combined effort also released a video tutorial on how to add a complete video community page and could explain the entire process, start to finish, in right around seven minutes.

Ziggeo's tool system offers a readily-accessible video recorder and player tool that can easily be added to a variety of different sites and gives users access to video that can be used in several different ways. Ziggeo points out that it can be part of a community function, allowing users to not only leave comments with video, but also use video as part of introductory profiles, both of which can boost engagement and keep users on the site longer. Video reviews can potentially increase sales by showing users just what's being reviewed and how it's being used.

Video does do a great job of connecting to viewers and holding engagement, but it's not the kind of tool that everyone should rush out and use. While the Ziggeo / Bubble connection shows us just how easy it is to bring into play, what's not immediately addressed is the long-term impact on bandwidth. We all know that many users have limits on bandwidth. It's possible that, by using video extensively on a site, it may do more harm than good by taking a user's bandwidth, which may have been intended for other use, and using it for video the user didn't particularly want or need. It's a point to keep in mind before injudiciously adding video, and as 5G comes available, it may end up being a moot point.

Still, video has a lot of potential use for websites of all types, and those who put it to work correctly may reap substantial benefits. Benefits that are available a little more readily thanks to Ziggeo and Bubble.

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