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How SMBs Can Scale Quickly With Cloud Alternatives

February 18, 2016

A decade ago employees faced the undeniable truth that they were forever tied to their desktop landlines and PC’s – at least as long as they were at the office. When they left the office they either left work behind or were forced to bring files along with them via floppy disk. We did not know it then, but such a practice significantly hindered the business’ ability to grow. Luckily, technology has significantly advanced giving SMB’s much opportunity in the way of expanding business and stimulating growth regardless of location. Now we have video conferencing, smart phones, laptops, tablets and are even able to utilize remote workers who have the ability to dial into your business network via any location.

Call it what you will – either a curse or a blessing – but SMB’s are no longer strapped by the constraints of the normal working business hours of 9 am to 5 pm. Today, our employees and ourselves, as SMB owners, have the ability to work anywhere, anytime of the day – all thanks to the cloud.

Cloud based systems have much to offer SMB’s in the way of stimulating growth to scale, including improved efficiency, enhanced communication abilities and reduced costs. Read on as we discuss further benefits that the cloud can offer your SMB.

Improved Mobility

With use of a cloud based business phone like, you are offering your staff the means to access your network from anywhere that they harbor an internet connection. Remote access to your systems makes it possible to:

  • Join video conferences;
  • Answer faxes and emails; and
  • Make and answer calls from anywhere in the world.

This massive boost in mobility allows you and your staff to take advantage of new found opportunities to expand business into new growth areas.

Less Need for Hardware

Thanks to cloud based alternatives there is no longer a need for those bulky servers and PBX takes up valuable space in your office. Not only does this reduce office clutter and negate the need for as much office space in general, but it can also reduce upfront costs and totally eliminate maintenance costs that might have otherwise been spent paying an IT staff to repair your dinosaur of a server.

Disaster Prevention

Not only will cloud alternatives save you money in repair and maintenance costs for the company server, but it can also save you by negating the necessity for off-site or on-site back-up systems. Cloud based systems have numerous built in redundancies that serve as back up for your company's important files and documents. If one system fails, another will immediately kick in to pick up the slack. Not only does this protect your company’s valuable information, but it also keeps your business online and functioning in a way that allows it to continue to make money.  This backup of data, files, contacts and important documents will even prove effective the instance that a physical disaster destroys your company’s physical assets. Where you will find all of your information stored in the cloud ready for instantaneous download.

More Cost Effective

Implementing cloud alternatives into your business ultimately saves you big money. From not having to purchase hardware (such as servers) and therefore not needing to upgrade or maintain them, you are saving thousands. Additionally, there will be no need for purchasing, licensing software that may even only be used intermittently. When you utilize cloud alternatives you have the ability to access the software that you need and only are required to pay for the amount you use.

Increased Revenues

With your funds not being tied up in places where they are not needed, you are better able to delegate them to areas that will best benefit your business. When you implement cloud based phone systems into your SMB you save money. This money saved is able to be refocused into areas aimed at boosting sales and stimulating growth for your business.

Not only is there the savings factor that will inevitably increase your firms bottom line, but there is also the productivity factor. When your teams are able to work remotely or rather in a more effective and efficient manner, they are therefore able to generate revenue and sales on a much larger scale.

Those leaders of the most successful and fastest growing SMB’s are savvy about new advancements in technology, this includes cloud based systems. These business owners have become masters at designing infrastructures that support the optimization of new capabilities within the cloud. Because none of the principles required to operate or employ cloud alternatives require specialty knowledge or technical skills of any sort, they can therefore be applied to any type of business looking to overcome the basic business challenges that hinder growth.

Paul Gossett is an digital strategist and a freelance writer having true passion for online media which has made him a learner of various workplace cultures and latest technologies. He loves sharing his knowledge to help entrepreneurs in disrupting the old ways of doing business

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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