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Avotus: Keeping Businesses Productive and Protected

February 23, 2016

Telecommunications management plays an important role for businesses today as employees continue to embrace new technologies and make use of all the innovative communications tools being offered.

For about thirty-five years, Avotus has been helping enterprise and government customers to enhance the returns on their networks by offering greater visibility into their networks, allowing them to capture usage data over the network and helping them to save money overall.

TMC’s Paula Bernier caught up with CEO James P. Martino to hear more.

Martino noted that while the company started out with a focus on Call Accounting, it’s now able to monitor all kinds of VoIP systems and can even capture report and offer analytics on the full UC platform.

Not only is the company’s platform integrated with all the major UC players according to Martino, but it is also connected to legacy switches, making it possible to offer customers a full report detailing the usage taking place across the UC platform.

The importance in being able to capture, find and analyze this data has perhaps never been so important. Especially as the market for UC solutions continues to climb. As this happens, companies are putting themselves at risk for abuse, loss of intellectual property and vulnerable during litigation.

‘Enhanced Usage Reporting’ (EUR) integrates with lots of PBX and cloud-based VoIP platforms making it possible to offer reporting about what happens on the platform and so much more.

To hear more, check out the video interview in full below.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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