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TelmedIQ Delivers Secure Mobile Medical Communication to Capital Region Medical Center

February 23, 2016

TelmedIQ has announced a partnership with Capital Region Medical Center in Kansas City, MO, to implement secure text messaging and clinical communications workflow solutions.

Medical professionals have relied on pagers after the general public moved on in the ‘90s, but the medical community has caught onto modern mobile devices.

These devices are handy because they let staff access the increasingly common electronic health records, hospitals are also running into regulatory issues, such as with HIPAA.

“With HIPAA fines and audits ramping up in 2016, a number of solutions are emerging to help healthcare organizations address security concerns around PHI without considering the specific nuances of healthcare,” Ben Moore, TelmedIQ CEO and founder, said. “We’re pleased to partner with Capital Region Medical Center and utilize our unique healthcare communications platform to enable them to better serve the community.”

While pagers have been a part of the medical community since their invention in the 1950s, their biggest disadvantage is their one-way communication. Doctors simply can’t get any more information about a call until they respond.

With the ability to look up patient histories and smartphone and tablets, doctors will be able to provide better care.

TelmedIQ extends the ability of doctors and staff to communicate. Administrators can see the status of all SmartText users and track which messages are being read.

For a large hospital like Capital Region Medical Center, TelmedIQ makes the job of coordinating doctors and staff much easier than with earlier systems.

“Upgrading to a secure two-way communications platform is a necessary growing pain for hospitals,” said Jason Cecil, the medical center’s CIO who lead the evaluation and implementation process. “Combining HIPAA-compliant security with a communication solution that truly understands and augments healthcare workflow made the transition to TelmedIQ painless for both frontline staff and administrators. Using TelmedIQ, we've been able to streamline our communications process and significantly boost efficiency in the coordination of care.”

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