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Collaboration at Heart of Connected Enterprise

February 24, 2016

Collaboration technologies have brought innovation and made success possible for businesses of all sizes. Thanks to Internet-connected devices and technologies like mobility and UC, businesses are now entering new territories and their employees are more efficient than ever before.

But this shouldn’t be the end of the road of possibilities for collaboration technology. In fact, new research from Dimension Data that looked at responses from 900 participants in 15 countries and spanning 10 industry sectors, shows organizations are failing to leverage collaboration technologies as a way to improve their competitive positioning.

Sure, using video conferencing, e-mail and IM can help to promote teamwork - but using these technologies to also help improve sales, should be a goal for businesses today.

The 2016 Connected Enterprise Report from Dimension Data found 87 percent of organizations said collaboration technology improved teamwork and 88 percent of enterprises said it had accelerated decision making.

Now, Joe Manuele, Dimension Data Group Executive, Customer Experience and Collaboration Business Unit said businesses are also starting to use collaboration to help drive revenues at their companies.
“Some 14 percent - the second highest number of respondents in the report - said improving sales is the top goal of their collaboration strategy, while one in three organizations said increased sales was among the three most important ways of measuring the success of their collaboration projects.”

When it comes to using collaboration as a way to improve sales and business processes, things have been slow moving because there is a lot more that needs to happen than just teamwork. Decisions like making a move to the cloud, getting end user buy-in, developing new processes for the business, all take time and effort.

The success may also be indirect. Once employee productivity goes up for example, the chances of seeing higher revenues also increase.

What’s most important is the strategy that goes behind new technologies. Not just providing real-time voice and video capabilities, but giving employees a way to do so easily, with little effort - is critical for success.

In addition to this, companies need to create a positive corporate culture that pushes the use of collaboration technologies across departments for the numerous benefits they can provide.

For more, check out the report in full: 2016 Connected Enterprise Report.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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