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Kandy Visual Attendant for Carriers Delivers Easy Way to Monetize Click-to-Call

February 29, 2016

The telephone landscape is changing thanks to VoIP and emerging technologies such as browser-native real-time communications technology, WebRTC. This doesn’t bode well for telecom providers unless they find new revenue streams.

One new revenue opportunity is Genband’s Kandy Visual Attendant for Carriers.

Visual Attendant for Carriers is the latest component of the Kandy platform-as-a-service, which helps business include real-time communications in their offerings quickly and easily.

With Visual Attendant for Carriers, telecoms can easily offer their business customers advanced click-to-call functionality on the web site or app of a business.

When a visitor visit’s the company’s web site, they can skip the usual telephone menu system by drilling down to the appropriate department right on the company’s web site and then clicking a button. They then can be instantly connected to the right department within a company. The technology reduces the hassles of calling and eliminates the need for voice prompts, something customers will appreciate.

Businesses set up this visual auto attendant functionality by easily constructing their click-to-call menu using a series of prompts on a web page. When they are done and have tested their creation, they are presented with an embed code to include on their site similar to other embedded content such as YouTube videos.

The system is quick and easy, and businesses can set it up in less than an hour and without needing much or any support from the telecom offering this visual attendant functionality.

The solution is built on WebRTC, and Genband improves upon it by making sure that browsers that don’t support WebRTC (such as Apple’s Safari) still can use the visual attendant.

Kandy’s Visual Auto Attendant offering is ready for resale, and the turnkey solution can be custom-branded and included in a provider’s offerings almost immediately. It can be easily billed like a toll-free service using per-transaction and per-minute billing, too, according to Genband.

Voice revenue may be in decline. But solutions such as the Kandy Visual Attendant for Carriers point the way for new revenue streams even as technology marches forward and traditional voice revenue declines. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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