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GENBAND, Polycom Complete Interoperability Testing for Department of Defense

March 08, 2016

While communications systems are critical to most any operation around, when it comes to military communications, it's often a matter of life and death. Recently, a new move for the United States Department of Defense (DoD) underscored the value presented by GENBAND and Polycom, as a newly-completed interoperability test could have the duo's Local Session Controller system in operation soon with the DoD.

The Local Session Controller is comprised of the GENBAND Application Server and Polycom's VVX voice and video portfolio solution, a combination that's said to produce resiliency suitable for military use along with session initiation protocol (SIP)-based session control. This makes it suitable for even large-scale deployments, offering provision for large numbers of users, but also with sufficient security and reliability.

Originally, the DoD was using a series of Nortel phone systems, according to word from GENBAND's executive vice president for products and corporate development John McCready. The DoD's mix involved the SL-100, the CS 2100 and the AS 5300, a combination that was found in military bases the world over. With GENBAND's and Polycom's systems, McCready notes, the result is a system that can handle large numbers and can be modified later, all at a reduced cost. That last will likely prove welcome news for taxpayers. Plus, the system can handle voice and video traffic, which makes it a good bet for current conditions where the value of voice and video together is becoming clearer. It can do this without the need for specific endpoints as well, working well with a variety of tools and adding a note of versatility to the mix.

With the interoperability testing complete, all that's left is a final certification from the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), which is likely forthcoming. Wide-scale installations will likely follow from there, and the full benefit of the Local Session Controller system can be realized.

Obviously, proper communications in military operations is vital in both peacetime and in war. Information is key to a variety of processes, from logistics to deployment and pre-conflict strategy, and getting information where it needs to be the undisputed role of communications. The combined effort of GENBAND and Polycom should do particularly well in terms of moving that information around, over large-scale operations, which is an excellent if not especially specific way to describe the DoD.

GENBAND and Polycom likely have a winner here, and if it's good enough for the DoD, it's likely going to be good for most any business as well. This is especially true given that most businesses will be smaller than the DoD to begin with. Everyone needs a simple way to move information, and this will likely prove both simple and potent enough to move everything that needs moving.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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