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GENBAND's Cloud Offerings a Hit with XO Communications

March 08, 2016

When XO Communications found itself interested in getting more cloud-based contact center services into user hands, it's not surprising that it found itself looking at GENBAND's line of products. Several parts of GENBAND's lineup, at last report, are slated to become part of XO Communications' line, and help provide a powerful new option for businesses looking for a call center operation that grows with a business.

With the new GENBAND solutions in place, XO Communications can not only offer a scalable cloud-based contact center operation, but it can offer those services using a pay-as-you-go model. This gives customers not only the option to use only the services needed at the time, but also the option to pay for only what's needed as well. Reports note that XO Communications will be primarily rolling out the service in support of customers in the United States.

GENBAND's executive vice president of global sales and marketing, Patrick Joggerst, noted that the company's cloud-based portfolio represented a great opportunity for firms to access “ solutions that dramatically improve productivity and customer engagement, while enhancing the communications and collaboration experience.” Augmenting the point was XO Communications' Jake Heinz, senior vice president of product and marketing, who noted that GENBAND could help the company “...enhance our customer experience specifically in the dynamic contact center marketplace.”

The importance of a contact center can't be understated these days, and using a cloud-based version can bring many advantages to be derived from such a system. Opening up the hiring pool to remotely-located talent, for example, is a huge plus as it helps get the best in employee overall. In the right circumstances, there are even potential improvements for overhead costs. When call center employees work remotely, there's no need to pay for heat, light, or the like in a central facility. Bring together the combination of the best employees and reduced costs to operate and it's a recipe for better profit potential that's hard to pass up. It needs the right infrastructure to support it, however, and that's where XO Communications' plan to turn to GENBAND is an especially bright idea. GENBAND's experience in the cloud is well-known, and that kind of expertise can help fire up a cloud contact center, especially when it's just getting started.

XO Communications' plan will likely end well. GENBAND's high-end offerings coupled with XO Communications' customer base and reputation in the field adds up to a package customers can readily trust, and one that customers will be glad to have on hand.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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