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Simplification, Savings at the Core of Marcatel Choosing GENBAND, NetNumber

March 10, 2016

Mexican carrier Marcatel has tapped GENBAND for an interconnect solution leveraging the NetNumber TITAN signaling transfer point.

NetNumber is a GENBAND partner, and the two companies do joint sales calls to some carriers who are looking to move from legacy to next-generation IP-based networks. Its TITAN signaling control platform can simplify the network core and help service providers embrace the new network functions virtualization model.

TITAN was initially deployed as an ENUM solution more than a decade ago. Today it supports a wide variety of applications and protocols – including DIAMETER, ENUM, ISUP, RADIUS, SIP, SS7, and TCAP protocols and signaling for data, messaging, and voice services – from a single platform. As a result, companies save money and management is simplified.

“Carriers will continue to operate legacy and next-generation networks for years to come,” said Matt Rosenberg, vice president of NetNumber global sales, solution design, and product. “The complexity inherent in this transition makes service agility difficult to achieve. However, carriers like Marcatel can deploy a multi-protocol signaling control platform such as NetNumber TITAN to reduce the signaling traffic between the separate but inter-related SS7, ENUM, LTE, and IMS functions in their legacy and next-generation networks. The result is a network core that can support faster time to market of new service offerings, while minimizing the impact to legacy services and to the OSS/BSS systems.”

To complement TITAN, NetNumber offers a service bureau through which service providers can access such industry information as number port data, calling name data, toll-free assignment data, and the like. The back-end process for service providers to access such information from the different sources that keep that data is complex, so aggregating access to all of it makes life easier for service providers, according to the company.

Hundreds of organizations use TITAN today, including Vodafone, which employs the platform in its NFV-based core.

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