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Telecom Italia Sparkle Gets Communications Sweet Tooth with GENBAND's Kandy

March 14, 2016

GENBAND's Kandy solution has already delivered a lot of value for users, and now, one more has been added to the roster. Telecom Italia Sparkle—a portion of Telecom Italia (TI) Group that handles international services—recently brought Kandy on board to give new life to its voice and short messaging service (SMS) operations.

Kandy's main strength is in its mobility, bringing a variety of tools to currently-operating apps and the like, and TI Sparkle is set to put it to use bringing voice, video, and other options to Sparkle Mobile Network Service Provider customers. Since end users ultimately can put Kandy's tools to work from mobile devices, from within a provider's own brand, the mobile provider gets a chance to improve subscriber counts and generate further revenue.

TI Sparkle's vice president for the voice and mobile line of business, Stefano Oliveri, offered some explanation on why it turned to Kandy, saying “As a global leader in the international services market we always strive to enrich our business proposition to our global customer base. That’s why we have partnered with GENBAND as they are a best-of-breed supplier of OTT services for voice and mobile services. GENBAND’s white label solution enables us to empower our customers with a full-package mobile application that handles voice, video and instant messaging services that, combined with the quality TI Sparkle network services, results in an unbeatable combination of flexible real-time solutions, superior end-user experience and global coverage.”

There's a clear value to such provision; after all, services like those Kandy can offer are particularly prized when it comes to mobile operations. Tools like voice and video, SMS, and the rest of the lineup aren't just valuable for everyday mobile users; these are also particularly prized for the mobile workforce as well. Kandy can simultaneously make a value proposition for business users and everyday users at the same time, and that gives mobile service providers an extra angle on which to cash in. In a time when many mobile service providers are losing opportunities for revenue  to over-the-top (OTT) providers like Skype, a service like Kandy can allow those providers to get at least some of that revenue back. That's a positive end result no matter how it's approached.

Kandy is delivering significant value for mobile service providers by allowing those providers to deliver significant value for end users. That's a package that's hard to turn down, and explains nicely why TI Sparkle ended up going with Kandy in the first place. This likely won't be the last time we'll hear about a company turning to Kandy for added value, especially those mobile providers who want a way to gain extra revenue in a rapidly shifting market.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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