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GENBAND, Polycom Make for a Powerful Combination for Federal Users

March 18, 2016

While many regard the United States government as a bastion of intrusion, waste and ineptitude, there are large portions of it that run quite well and produce value for all concerned. Improvement is possible at every level, and leading the charge for improvement is the combined force of GENBAND and Polycom, who recently brought together two of their greats in one handy package.

The combined effort brings together the GENBAND Application Server and the Polycom VVX Voice and Video portfolio to produce a substantial advance in unified communications. The resulting product is currently awaiting its final certification by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), and has already seen successful deployment tests as part of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) communications network in the Local Session Controller (LSC) category. The end result so far proves that the GENBAND / Polycom solution is capable of offering resiliency fit for the military along with open session initiation protocol (SIP)-based session control.

Throw in the secure private clouds involved, along with the ability to support up to two million users at a clip and the value of the combined solutions shows through all the better. Desktop voice and video capabilities make it that much easier to communicate even in difficult environments, and the system is set to work with legacy communications infrastructure, allowing an easy way to bring in cloud-based technology that can be scaled to work with what's needed.

Polycom's vice president for the public sector, Sean Berg, noted “Public sector organizations are in need of a standards-based replacement for legacy phone systems and dated communications infrastructure. We’re offering a migration to a best-in-class voice and video desktop portfolio that delivers some of the most advanced and robust Unified Communications technology on the market.”

While this by itself is good news, there's some good news fallout here that could help even more. If it can achieve full interoperability status and be put to work in the field, GENBAND and Polycom get an absolutely golden tagline for their respective product lines: “military strong.” In a field where businesses are concerned about data security, what better platform to turn to than one that's already proving itself sufficiently secure and responsive for perhaps the greatest military force on the planet? That's a hard prospect to turn down; most businesses will never need anything approaching that level of security, but having it on hand certainly sparks peace of mind. Peace of mind can be a valuable benefit of most any system, and GENBAND and Polycom would have it all over.

Strong enough for the military means good enough for the private sector, and GENBAND and Polycom might just have a winner on their collective hands.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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