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HireRush Lets Web Browsers Do the Calling for Local Service Providers

March 23, 2016

Recently, I've seen some family members try to find a local contractor for remodeling a bathroom, and the process has not been an easy one. Trying to actually find said contractors to begin with is difficult, and seeing what other people thought of their work has been even tougher. HireRush may have an idea that could help along these lines, bringing browser-based calling to its systems to allow users to call a business instantly, at no charge, via an Internet connection.

Using Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) technology, users can access a “call now” button located on the HireRush website listing services. Thus, users turning to desktop or laptop—or even tablet in some cases—no longer need to surf the Web with phone in hand, and can simply place the call right from the website itself. While WebRTC currently works for most major desktop browsers and mobile devices, there are some exceptions like iOS devices. Those devices simply don't display the “call now” button.

HireRush marketing director Anton Guts noted “Now there is no waiting involved when consumers find service providers they're interested in. This benefits buyers by giving them instant access to providers, but it also benefits providers by making it easier for potential customers to contact them. When consumers can reach out immediately when they find a service provider who meets their needs, there's less chance they will forget to follow up later or keep looking at competitors before deciding whom to call. It's a win-win for both groups.”

Though the service hasn't really caught on just everywhere yet—a search for construction contractors in my area yielded no results—it's clear the service is delivering some impressive results. It can be tough to find listings for movers or landscapers or anything else, and cumbersome to have to call same separately while surfing from a desktop or the like. With this combination of listings and WebRTC access, users get a one-stop solution to the issues of finding contractors. That's a step removed, and thus a process made somewhat less cumbersome, increasing the likelihood of follow-up and follow-through, and thus landing some new jobs in contractors' pockets. Customers want that ability to make contact with brands via multiple channels—part of the omnichannel experience, as its known—and click-to-call functions provided by WebRTC can satisfy demand for at least a couple new channels at once.

HireRush is offering an exciting new idea to help contractors get noticed and get work, as well as a way to make finding contractors easier for those looking for such services. That indeed seems to be a win-win situation for contractors and clients alike, and as it expands, it should only get better, making it more likely a bathroom will get remodeled, and a host of other tasks accomplished. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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