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Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, HireRush, March Madness

March 26, 2016

It's been quite a week for real time communications, and though the Easter holiday means it's a bit shorter week than normal for a lot of people, there was still plenty of news to go around. So before packing up for your church service, ham dinner, or long weekend, take a moment to join us in running down the biggest events of the week that was with our Week in Review coverage!

First, we had a look at the common points between March Madness betting pools and unsanctioned real time communications use. While both seem innocent enough, there is a potential for businesses to lose big on both activities. Granted, real time communications aren't even technically illegal, but it opens up the potential for shadow IT, a phenomenon that can cost businesses big in terms of licenses not in place, or just productivity lost as users figure out who's on what communications platform.

Next we had a look at healthcare, and how an increasingly mobile focus was set to change this vital field. With both front office and back office applications going through the cloud, as well as some patient-facing applications, there's a lot of potential value from using cloud and mobile applications to provide a better, less expensive healthcare experience.

HireRush stepped in next, giving users a chance to put Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) to work in a bid to connect with contractors and other service providers. HireRush offers geographically-organized listings of such service providers, and then offers a “call now” button connected to each listing that the user can click to make an immediate call via Web connection. While it's not available for all systems—iOS is one major holdout—those who can put it to work can do so now.

Then, GENBAND stepped in, taking home the WebRTC Product of the Year Award for visual attendant programs from TMC, on the strength of its Kandy product. Kandy offers an easy way to add several communications methods to currently-existing platforms, and thus allows businesses a means to offer customers new communications methods that the customers themselves are commonly in favor of. With a variety of uses, including the Kandy Wrapper system, it's easy to see why this took an award.

Finally we had a look at getting unified communications systems to remote workers, and the challenges involved in such activity. A Dell survey revealed the struggles businesses faced, including a lack of visibility into overall use, enhanced risk, reduced productivity and more. With UC offerings focusing on providing collaboration and group chat, while businesses flounder under the weight of legacy systems, there's a lot at stake, but not much insight on how it all works.

That was the week that was in real time communications, and we had plenty going on this week. Though a shortened week, we still had word on all the latest developments, and our global online community kept the pace moving steadily along. So be sure to join us back here next week for all the latest, and every weekend for our Week in Review coverage!

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