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First Responder Real-Time Video Access Made Available by Eagle Eye Networks

March 28, 2016

When first responders, such as police officers, arrive at a location, there is nothing more valuable than information. This allows them to assess the situation and take the appropriate action without endangering themselves and the people they have sworn to protect. The new First Responder Real-Time Video Access from Eagle Eye Networks is the first of its kind solution in the industry that gives real-time security camera access to first responders during an emergency.

Today's video technology is nothing like the grainy CCTV images we've seen in the past. With broadband speeds and HD video, security companies can capture high-quality images that can be delivered anywhere with an Internet connection instantly.

The Eagle Eye solution takes advantage of both technologies to give first responders valuable information with video they can see and hear to assess a situation they are about to encounter, and find out what has taken place and is continuing to take place.

When authorized users activate first responder access, they can share the video feed with pre-designated first responders who can receive immediate real-time security camera access during emergency situations.

Former FBI Special Agent, and current Managing Director, Counterterrorism & Infrastructure Protection, TAL Global, Dr. Erroll G. Southers, said, "Giving Public Safety Officers the ability to share live video surveillance cameras on smart phones during an emergency is a game changer in operational scenarios. This solution can act as a response multiplier by providing a coordinated visibility component into emergency decision making."

The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS First Responder Real-time Video Access starts with a first-responder pre-designation and a closed loop confirmation to ensure the connection is made to the right agency. The first responder then receives an email, which they have to verify by accepting the request.

Once the emergency video access is verified and enabled, the designated first responders can stream the video on their mobile device with the free Eagle Eye Viewer mobile app while they are on their way to the location. The stream is private, only accessible to the organization and personnel that have been authorized.

"We’ve had an overwhelming demand to deliver immediate video access to first responders. Our customers want to be fully prepared to equip their local first responders with critical, real-time insights in the event of an emergency situation – while still retaining their full daily privacy," said Dean Drako, President and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks.

Immediate situational awareness, as Dr. Southers continued to point out can be the difference between life and death for first responders. With First Responder Real-Time Video Access from Eagle Eye Networks, police officers, fire fighters and others will now have a new tool to see what they are about to face before they even get there. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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