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GENBAND Solution Enables Service Providers to Expand Reach

March 31, 2016

The age of real-time communications actually arrived a few generations ago when individuals gained the ability to make a direct call over a landline. These individuals no longer needed to wait for postal deliveries or seeing someone in person in order to share information. It was the dawn of a new era – one that would take several years to evolve.

Since the introduction of the Internet users have had access to bigger and better capabilities to stay connected. As smartphones continue to get more powerful and our ability to put down our phones continues to wane, the pressure on networks to support demand is intensifying. This trend is creating opportunities for companies like GENBAND.

In a video of the GENBAND evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) Demo at MWC16, Paul Miller, VP of Technology & Strategy, shares information on the GENBAND evolved Data Packet Gateway. This solution is designed to enable service providers to extend their wireless reach through unsecured Wi-Fi networks, thus enabling VoLTE calls to occur over those networks. The company is delivering that solution in the NFE Data Center where it can be dynamically expanded so the infrastructure supports the application in real-time.

GENBAND is leveraging partnerships with leading companies like Hewlett Packard to demonstrate how the solution can run on a multitude of different infrastructure types. The solution runs as an elastic application that dynamically scales while operating. As a significant shift towards cloud-based and SDN-based infrastructure for application hosting continues, service providers can lower CAPEX and OPEX while operating a more efficient environment.

This is enabled through full elasticity while in operation and is particularly relevant for mobile operators as they extend their access network reach. As it is typically more difficult to get into certain areas, Wi-Fi is needed to provide the extension and enable real-time communications. This latest GENBAND product enables voice over W-Fi calling as an extension of the VoLTE network.

“We are simulating traffic load against the evolved Data Packet Gateway and we’re seeing an open stack cloud infrastructure,” said Miller. “These are virtual machines that are running the application we talked about. They’re dynamically scaling as the application goes through load. Calls ramp up on the system. It’s dynamically scaling and increasing the number of DM’s that are required as the load is applied and when that infrastructure is not required it releases that back to the cloud.”

As the demand for greater access to real-time communications across all networks continues, the demand for solutions such as GENBAND’s offering will continue to grow. To get an inside view of the graphical interface, check out the video in full.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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