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Onslow Memorial Hospital Adopts PatientSafe Mobility Software

March 31, 2016

Onslow Memorial Hospital, an acute care facility located in Jacksonville, N.C., recently faced the situation where its collection of outdated on-site communications was beginning to catch up with the speed and quality of care it could deliver to patients. It reached out to PatientSafe Solutions, a provider of communications mobility software for hospitals and care facilities, to get itself back on track.

Now Onslow has deployed the PatientSafe PatientTouch clinical workflow and team communications suite of applications to work with an update to its IP desk phones and computer carts. Autumn Foy, the director of clinical informatics at Onslow, commented that PatientTouch delivered everything it needed in one package and was able to work with updated and legacy equipment to ease the hospital’s transition.

“We knew we needed a single device and application for the clinical team to better communicate with each other while also connecting to our existing technology,” Foy said. “PatientSafe Solutions’ full platform is an impressive fit because it can significantly improve clinical collaboration and documentation, which in turn, improves patient care, safety, and outcomes.”

The PatientTouch platform begins its efficacy by giving hospital staff and administration the ability to use multimedia messaging that includes images and audio. The software tags patients to keep the transfer of information, between any type of mobile devices, secure between any hospital officials.

It attaches to any supported phone system to streamline calls, and it adds presence to contacts so clinicians always know the status of any practitioner they need to reach. This can help prevent untimely calls and eliminate interruptions to anyone in a meeting with a patient.

The Onslow IT department can use the PatientTouch API to integrate the communications software into existing hospital alert systems. This way, emergencies can broadcast to the necessary staff within the same app they will use for all their communications. PatientTouch can also gain access to patient information so clinicians will have instant access to medical data that is updated and accessible in real time.

PatientTouch now works as apps inside the new Apple iPhones that Onslow provided to all its clinicians. Specific interfaces, tailored to their individual needs, are available to nurses, physicians, and care teams. The hospital hopes to conclude the 2016 year with mobile barcode medication administration, specimen collection, infant care, and blood administration tools all available in the mobile app. Immediately and more so in the future, the hospital should expect the efficiency and effectiveness of its care to improve if this rollout goes to plan.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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