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Unwrap a Treat with Kandy Wrappers

April 01, 2016

It’s pretty easy to liken GENBAND’s Kandy with the actual treat that you eat because it does so many sweet things for communications capabilities.

The communications platform-as-a-service offering makes it possible to add real-time voice, video, messaging, presence and collaboration capabilities to an existing application or even create new ones.

With so many demands for communications innovation across industries today, and a struggle to keep up across the board, Kandy makes using APIs easy.

Kandy Wrappers takes things a step further and makes it even easier for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Enterprises to get the job done.

With Kandy Wrappers, you get already pre-packaged, wrapped-up and ready-to-go solutions. These software applications are fully-functioning and easy to drop right into an existing website or app to make real-time communications possible. They can also be used as stand alone.

This brings down implementation costs, speeds time to market and reduces effort and is perfect if you lack the skills or time to work with Kandy APIs but still want to offer innovation.

Digging deeper into the offering, Kandy offers two different types of Kandy Wrappers. There are ‘Application Wrappers’ like Concierge, Smart Office, Visual Attendant that are ready to deploy and use. The there are ‘Embedded Wrappers.’ These are functional modules or reference applications that you embed into existing applications or websites. They can further enhance an existing offering or make click-to-call and RTC a new added possibility.

A quick look at the Kandy Showcase gives you an idea of just how sweet using Kandy Wrappers can be. Whether you need to add a VIP Shopping Experience for your online customers, want easy click-to-call functionality on your website, or want to allow communications without a 1800 number, the possibilities are endless.  

APIs are one of the most talked about things today if you’re looking to move into the next generation of communications functionality. It’s also the topic of an entire event All About the API happening in Las Vegas July 18-21 where everything from hack-a-thons to informational sessions and networking will take place.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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