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Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Kandy & More

April 02, 2016

This week in real time communications related news, we took a closer look at the UC and cloud markets, where they are headed and what it means for communications. We also took a closer look at some of GENBAND’s offerings.

While unified communications (UC) has been around for quite some time – we’re finally getting to a point where technology is making things interesting. Not only are communications services working together better, but cloud technology and the advancement of mobile are increasing productivity, and as a result, investments in UC. According to a feature by TMC’s Michelle Amodio this week, this can be attributed to the fact that employees are using a wider range of devices to complete takes throughout their workdays and the need to collaborate with colleagues and partners located at other offices has become necessary.

“Cloud-based apps allow for this to happen, ergo, UC apps in the cloud make it easier for businesses to meet these demands.”

Speaking of better communications, WebRTC is the standard that’s really pushing communications forward because it answers to the need for immediate connections.

For marketers, this immediacy has lead to an increase in the need for real time communications on web pages.

As a feature from TMC’s Susan Campbell highlighted this week, WebRTC is now a necessary element to building a better web page.

WebRTC is key because it’s supported by all major browsers, works well on mobile devices, provides a convenient interaction point and there is no need to reveal or have a phone number to connect.

And another feature this week looked at the important of WebRTC in operator relevance. Especially as apps are becoming key in communications and collaboration.

Speaking of the rise of apps today, Kandy Wrappers is GENBAND Kandy’s way of making it super easy for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Enterprises to get the job done.

With Wrappers, they get already pre-packaged, wrapped-up and ready-to-go solutions that are fully-functioning and can either be used stand alone or easily dropped right into an existing website or app to make real-time communications possible.

We also took a closer look at a recent video of the GENBAND evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) Demo that happened recently at MWC16. Paul Miller, VP of Technology & Strategy. Check it out HERE.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check back for all the latest in Real Time Communications news as it happens. Until next week…

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