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Real Time Communications Week in Review: Business Continues to Transform

April 09, 2016

This week in real time communications related news, we took a look at UC, unified messaging, and the reasons WebRTC is becoming necessary.

Doug Mohney wrote about the need for Apple and others to accelerate their work to unify platforms so that WebRTC can be the glue to tie it all together. 

While Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla already offer support for WebRTC as a standard there is still the challenge of trying to implement messaging across both the desktop and mobile. And that’s where things have gone cloudy.

Another feature by Tracey Schelmetic discusses the need for real-time communications to be used as a tool for transforming the business landscape. This is done by using RTC in context with workflows to create communications that enhance and improve operations.

Companies still holding on to aged technologies and fragmented application platforms cannot move forward in this regard. Communications apps are the answer.

Looking a bit closer at the need for WebRTC today – Doug also wrote a feature this week titled, “WebRTC - It's Now Mission Critical,” which dives into the reasons WebRTC is now becoming a critical element for so many businesses.

“Plenty of WebRTC cloud services for business voice exist today because the technology is cost-effective and it just works,” Mohney wrote.

To solidify these comments, another new report from Persistence Market Research outlines the many reasons WebRTC adoption will grow in the next couple of years.

Everything from the cost effectiveness to its universality and security is covered.

Speaking of business communications and the added flexibility UC brings to the office place; RTC is also seen as complementing and furthering the BYOD trend. This is because real time communications is so easy and convenient. 

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check back for all the latest in Real Time Communications news as it happens. 

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