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GENBAND President & CEO David Walsh Introduces Exchange of Everything

May 03, 2016

At the opening of GENBAND’s Perspectives 16 event, president and CEO David Walsh provided participants with a new and intriguing formulation of the role next generation RTC can and will play in transforming the way in which we all engage each other and our technology tools to improve the way we live and work.  It is called the Exchange of Everything (EoE). 

While an expansion of the current description of the connected world, whose buzz phrases are Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything (IoE), it is a characterization that should resonate and hopefully can gain traction.

GENBAND Perspectives 16, David Walsh, President & CEO

Walsh started with a quote from his, and one of my, favorite philosophers. It comes from none other than Spock from the original seminal TV show Star Trek who said, “Change is central process of the human condition.”  As Walsh then elaborated, “Change is deep in our DNA, it creates large opportunity for all of us.”  It can be expressed in the simple equation, X=Change.

In looking at the EoE, the idea is that in our increasingly always-on/all ways connected world we are witnessing the convergence of the networking of people and IoT.  In this world, that I have characterized previously as “The Age of Acceleration”—where the only constants are change and the speed at which it is increasing—those who cannot accommodate change and at or faster than market speed will fail.  Those who can leverage the value of embedding easy-to-use real-time communications capabilities to be more agile and responsive to human needs will succeed.  This will be accomplished by enhancing all of the tools and processes we use with communications-enabled context for creating more immersive and compelling experiences.   

Walsh noted that thanks to the rapid pace of innovation and its adoption, we are hurtling forward toward an “Idea Economy.” And, we are moving there at breathtaking speed that is causing massive disruption, aka opportunity as well as risk, across all vertical markets including every part of information and communications technology (ICT). 

Where “Exchange” comes in the picture is that as people, devices, applications, and business processes become pervasively connected, the intelligence-based exchange of information becomes the virtual oil for innovation and value creation.  This is particularly cogent as everything becomes a service, and sustainable value is enabled by employing the right and best data to please customers and create ecosystems that enhance competitiveness. 

The trick as Walsh sees it is that when we make it easy to exchange information we and our tools communicate more. This provides deeper and more immediate insights that can be translated into value-added actions.

After discussing several impressive examples of how context, enriched by RTC and securely exchanged and analyzed, creates  differentiated value, Walsh’s big message was if you don’t move now and fast you are in jeopardy.  He also noted that GENBAND’s KANDY Service-as-a-Platform (SaaS), which is gaining momentum for communications service providers (CSPs) globally, has been built to give CSPs a versatile platform for successfully competing against OTTs by allowing them to be first-to-market, fast-in-the-market, with customized, personalized and unique offerings. 

He concluded with the observation that the ultimate exchange is “The Human Connected Experience.”  Indeed, it is this focus on the human element that makes EoE a term of art worth adopting. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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