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GENBAND'S Kandy Gives TeleMedCo New Array of Functions

May 03, 2016

We know the value that real time communications tools can bring to healthcare operations, thanks to a growing array of case studies that feature the tools being put to work and delivering value. We've got one more to add to the roster thanks to TeleMedCo, who, like a growing number of operations out there, turned to GENBAND's Kandy to supply several real time communications tools to its currently-operating product.

With Kandy, TeleMedCo could add instant messaging, voice services, and even video collaboration for use with several parties that can rapidly connect incoming patients and caregivers. Since TeleMedCo's line—still under development for now but expected to be in some breed of hospital trial before 2017 arrives—focuses on emergency rooms and similar urgent care operations, rapid communications are particularly important here.

With the TeleMedCo tools, healthcare operations can not only get patients where they need to be more rapidly, but users can also order several major tests, recording the data and interacting with a patient's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to yield faster, better connections and ultimately a better experience for the patient. Additionally, TeleMedCo's material draws on the IBM Watson platform's software and healthcare tools, giving it a little extra edge of artificial intelligence.

TeleMedCo's co-founder, Dr. Tina Miranda, commented “I have been serving in Emergency Room settings for nearly 25 years. We have spent years not only studying this area, but working in this space, and we are passionate about this opportunity working with companies like IBM, GENBAND and others to pull together all the elements required to create something very special, and very scalable.”

The rising costs of healthcare are a widely-known problem for much of the United States—and beyond—at this stage, and improving efficiency should serve to help drive some of these costs down. When departments can effectively communicate, there's less redundancy in the system, which means less waste. Removing waste tends to make a system work better as it can do more with the same amount of resources going in. Yet we must also be careful not to compromise security in the face of expediency; that's why the TeleMedCo platform focuses on security to deliver compliance with the Health Insurance  Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Better communications tend to improve any system, and GENBAND's Kandy is out to provide that improvement in communications. TeleMedCo offered some demonstrations of just how well it's delivering on this promise at GENBAND's Perspectives16 conference. With the demonstrations in hand, and testing set to take place before the year's up, we'll hopefully see less waste and lower costs, something that healthcare operations could sorely use these days. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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