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Perspectives16: Avotus Reminds Businesses about Importance of Usage Reporting

May 03, 2016

Organizations today are faced with a potentially serious problem when they are deploying UC solutions that are intended to help – not harm them.

As UC deployments continue to expand rapidly, the problem is that most companies are not only unaware of the possible security risks involved, but without proper protections, may actually do a great deal of damage due to unchecked and unmonitored communications happening on their networks.

That’s why Avotus created its Enhanced Usage Reporting solution that enables proper visibility so enterprises can check that UC usage is consistent with corporate policies or the job functions of each individual.

It’s much too easy for things like internal IM misuse or even proprietary material being mis-shared today. And not just the loss of information, but internal security breaches can cost companies millions each year.

Today it is imperative that businesses be protected and employees who may be putting the organization at risk get on the spot training.

The efficiency, visibility and protection offered with Enhanced Usage Reporting (EUR), an integral tool in Avotus’ Intelligent Communications Management (ICM) program, has already made it a popular option for so many.

At GENBAND Perspectives16 this week, Avotus is showing off its Enhanced Usage Reporting Analytics (EUR) for UC. 

Specifically, Enhanced Usage Reporting (EUR) for UC has been customized to meet the specifications of GENBAND Application Server (AS), Session Border Controller (SBC) and NUVIA platform users.

Head over to Orlando, Fla. for Perspecitives16. Avotus is an exhibitor level sponsor and will be available for formal meetings and informal discussion at Booth #10.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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