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i3 is Merging with OVCC: Visual Communications Opportunities Extended to the Enterprise

May 10, 2016

The demand for real-time communications has never been stronger than it is today. With access to innovation at our fingertips, we want instant responses to requests, immediate streaming of entertainment and information and consistent improvements from those working to support this progress. Real-time communications solutions provider, GENBAND is on the forefront.

As a founding member of i3 Forum, which is now merging with the Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC), it will be possible for international carriers to successfully interconnect over IP for a number of different services including video, voice, OTT, VoLTE, RCS and APIs to create new offerings.

The OVCC is a group of network providers, video exchange providers and equipment manufacturers throughout the world united in an effort to expand video communications while also simplifying video calls. Members of the OVCC create multi-vendor, multi-network specifications that provide a technical blueprint and business model that supports the full spectrum of video systems. Founding members include BCS Global, Orange, AT&T, BT and Polycom.

GENBAND is participating in the i3 Forum this week as a member and sponsor, chairing the API workgroup at i3 Forum and moderating the NFV round table discussion. The company will have a booth at ITW this year, showcasing its IPX solution (SBC, C3, G9, Routing), as well as its cloud solution (Nuvia, Fring and Kandy).

Enterprises and a broad array of vendors, systems integrators and a variety of other organizations stand to benefit from solutions that are designed to meet their visual communications needs. The i3 Forum will effectively increase the number of technology vendors within a predominately carrier-focused membership environment.

“The strategic expansion of the i3forum’s membership, goals and activities through its merger with OVCC enables it to address two of the most important areas for its telco members: the effective transformation of their own networks and the associated service development and delivery capabilities; and successfully supporting the ever-growing demands of the enterprises that use their networks to consume advanced services like visual communications,” said Catherine Haslam, senior analyst for Wholesale Telecoms at Ovum, in an event release.

The i3 Forum’s annual conference is held in conjunction with ITW in Chicago and attracts hundreds of participants from member and other organizations. It has long been touted as one of the industry’s leading venues for discussion of topics such as IPX, VoLTE and virtual POPs. This year’s conference has been expanded to cover visual communications as an important element of real-time communications. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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