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GENBAND Recognized Globally for Real-Time Communications

June 21, 2016

Organizations have to be able to easily integrate or embed voice, video, chat, screen-sharing and collaboration capabilities into their existing business, Web and mobile applications. Without these features as part of their overall communications solutions, it becomes that much harder to connect with their customers, partners, vendors and even their employees easily and effectively.

GENBAND, provider of real-time communications software, has a comprehensive platform with a suite of solutions that make this possible, which has garnered the company global recognition by some of the leading telecom providers.

The company just announced it won three Global Telecoms Business Awards this year for its part in collaborating and partnering with Bharti Airtel, Timico and Masergy.

Bharti Airtel is an Indian global telecommunications services company, Timico provides secure cloud-based communications, and Masergy owns and operates the largest independent software defined platform in the world.

The diversity of these companies and the solutions they required highlight the different offerings GENBAND provides to meet the needs of telecoms.

For Timico, GENBAND provided its Omni technology for a complete Unified Communications (UC) client experience with simplified management, comprehensive access, cost efficiency and a transparent customer experience. The success of the deployment for the Timico Synergy platform resulted in GENBAND winning the award for Enhanced UC Client Portfolio with Innovative Container Technology.

"Our partners are Timico's number one route to market," said David Hamer, Director of Unified Communications for Timico. "Leveraging GENBAND Omni technology helps us simplify branding control for them so their customers see the Partners' logo on the desktop instead of ours."

GENBAND's cloud-based white label Over the Top (OTT) solution was recognized as the VoIP App with Exceptional Emerging Market Focus for Airtel Talk, which delivered mobile group video chat, 2-way video chat, voice only calls and text chat.

Masergy used GENBAND's Kandy, a real-time communications software development platform, to deploy a UCaaS-based Visual Automated Attendant (VAA). Using WebRTC, this application lets customers create custom website menu structures to address their specific needs. For this service, GENBAND received Taking Customer Engagement to a New Level award.

"Our customers' changing needs and the transformation of our industry are key strategic drivers for us," said Patrick Joggerst, GENBAND's EVP of Global Sales and Marketing. "This series of awards confirms our ability to deliver the creative, market-ready solutions that help our customers succeed in today's dynamic landscape. I'm proud of our teams and grateful to our customers for continuing to put their trust in us."

Service providers, enterprises, independent software vendors, systems integrators and developers in more than 80 countries have deployed GENBAND's network modernization, UC, mobility and embedded communications to introduce real-time communications services to market much faster to capitalize on current and emerging trends. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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