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Presetec to Use Kandy Visual Attendant for Web-based Support Calls

July 25, 2016

Presetec, a distributor of network services to communications service providers in Chile, announced this week that it will begin using the Kandy Visual Attendant on its website.

GENBAND created the Kandy platform-as-a-service to give applications developers an easy path to embed web-based communications services into their desktop, mobile and web products. GENBAND offers application programming interfaces (APIs) to its business clients to move that goal forward. The Kandy team has since developed its own sets of API wrappers that fit many APIs together into a single package. Visual Attendant is one of those wrappers, and now clients can begin using online interface to build communications services and embed them into Web pages within minutes.

Kandy brands its Visual Attendant as an alternative to voice calling. Traditional help desk services begin with toll-free numbers that customers can call; those numbers lead to automated attendants and lengthy menus that no customer wants to experience. Kandy brings all those phone-based options to the web by allowing its clients to place a single “Call Us!” button on their site which, when customers click it, will bring them to all the options they would have heard from an automated attendant on the phone.

Concerning Presetec, web-based callers can then click “Call Us!” and then quickly navigate through menus to show that they want to speak to a representative, for instance, about offering voice and video services to midsize enterprise that wish to replace their copper line setups. All that information gets fed to the company representative. Meanwhile, the customer has not had to navigate through faceless menus just to reach a live conversation.

Rafael Fabregas, the president and owner of Presetec, commented that its use of Visual Attendant will help better serve its existing and future customers.

“Visual Attendant is an important step forward for us as we strive to deliver the advanced services that help our customers compete and succeed in the digital economy,” Fabregas said. “We look forward to empowering our customers with this easy-to-deploy service while helping increase engagement and satisfaction.”

Clients such as Presetec can revisit their visual calling menus at any time to adapt to the needs of mobile and desktop callers. The Kandy interface shows a simple tree of which menu items exist so developers can get a quick overview of their current situation. From there, developers can change everything from the name and description of each menu item to their order and the phone number associated with each item.

John Ryan, the senior vice president of Americas sales at GENBAND, spoke for his whole company in saying that GENBAND is excited to begin working with Presetec. He noted that Presetec should incur minimal risk from use of the Visual Attendant and hinted that adoption of the Kandy Wrapper would work well for its network services business.

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