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Kandy Unwraps Video Communications

July 26, 2016

Last week, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas played host to the All About the API event. The inaugural event produced enthusiastic, educational sessions discussing the bleeding edge in one of tech’s most popular arenas today: APIs. APIs are nothing new, but today are garnering attention because everything in communications today revolves around talking to another service, platform or device. Two firms enabling this next generation of communications solutions are Dialogic and Genband, and the duo joined forces in the most recent CommsDevZone Podcast.

Dr. Natasha Tamaskar, VP Head of Cloud Strategy at Genband, joined Senior Director of Product Marketing at Dialogic Alan Percy to discuss video in communications, how they fit moving forward and a few use cases we can expect in the not too distant future.

Tamaskar led the discussion with some background on Genband, and its communications platform as a service, Kandy. She notes, for years Genband has been working with communications solutions, and over time through acquisition and internal development, Kandy was thrust into the cloud to provide developers the building blocks to create customized communications solutions. Released in September 2014, Kandy is taking flight.

When it comes to communications APIs there are three predominant components: voice, video and messaging. And in customer service, for example, interactions tend to not leverage video. Whereas when interactions become more immersive – such as in hospitality or the financial sector – video gains ground in importance. “We are starting to see use of video in all industries,” exclaimed Tamaskar.

Another illustration of the need for video communications is in the field. Tamaskar referred to this as the “see what I see” scenario. Leveraging video for field service applications greatly improves problem solving while also saving cost – dollars and time.

Healthcare is not new to technology, but video can be utilized to empower patients and doctors as well as healthcare workers and those in need to have meaningful interactions. In an Elearning scenario, students benefit from the experience of face-to-face interaction, adding the personal touch to any online course. Take it from someone who survived online courses without video, it makes all the difference.

Tamaskar explains, “Sometimes it’s one on one, others it is a group interaction, which requires more resources…each have different requirements and different profiles.” Genband is enabling its Kandy solutions with the Dialogic XMS as a key component as they bring media solutions to market.

A forward looking Tamaskar explained, “It’s very interesting to see that the market from two years ago has matured to the point where people are actually talking about real problems that can be solved within the industry instead of looking for problems to a solution that they had as a technology.” Point blank, “There are real applications and real solutions for those applications so it’s a very positive thing for the industry overall.”

With the first down and many to come, All About the API accessed the developer chord in us all last week. Offering interesting sessions, a buzzing exhibit hall and the leading edge in innovation, pioneers like Genband and Dialogic are right at home.

Edited by Alicia Young

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