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It's Kandy for CANTO Going Into CODE 2.0 Hackathon

August 01, 2016

Most people might not think of advancements in telecommunications when thinking of the Caribbean. The natural beauty of the region is generally what comes to mind first. The Caribbean Association of National Telecom Organizations (CANTO), however, is out to put more development into the region, and for its CODE 2.0 Hackathon—running through August 2 in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico—CANTO will be turning to a familiar platform to drive the development that will happen therein:

Kandy is GENBAND's cloud-based development platform for real time communications tools, a platform already used to great effect in several other operations. For CANTO, users at the 32nd Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition—which is slated to bring together more than 30 of the region's telecom operators, and that's just for a start—will be able to put Kandy to work in a two-day hacking event set to bring about some significant new advancements.

Already in use by firms like Tech Mahindra and IBM, Kandy provides a simple means for developers to incorporate a variety of real time communications tools, adding not only voice and video but even collaboration tools to many different apps. One popular use of the system is in GENBAND's own Kandymobile, a complete RV system set up to show off just what Kandy can do in a variety of different use cases all from one single vehicle.

CANTO's secretary general, Teresa Wankin, commented “As we have seen over the last few years, single function communication devices, have been replaced by multi-function real-time communications software applications. Most of the innovation in communications is now taking place at the software level, and we have to position our region to be drivers of that innovation. And from what we have seen, the Kandy Platform allows developers to create sophisticated real-world communications applications with very little effort, and we are happy that GENBAND has made it available to us for this competition.”

It's widely known that Kandy can deliver a lot of value to users, in large part from the sheer numbers of users that have already put Kandy to work. The old saying goes that nothing succeeds like success, and when a large number of users have successfully used a service, that makes it a safe bet that other users will do just as well. It's not guaranteed, but a big body of successful users definitely increases the chances. For CANTO to put Kandy to work, meanwhile, suggests we'll likely see a slate of new tools come out of the event, augmenting the Caribbean's image as a telecom development hub and more than just a pretty face, in terms of scenic beauty, that is.

CANTO's move should prove positive in the end, and the hackathon running through the event should make for a lot of new developments in fairly short order as a room full of interested users gets some hands-on time with a powerful development tool. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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