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GENBAND Adds Sponsorship to Women in the Channel Event

August 08, 2016

The issue of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers is one that's been a hot-button for some time now. Several new initiatives have come out to help drive this forward, and recently, GENBAND got involved in such a development itself by being a silver-level sponsor at the 12th Women in the Channel (WiC) Networking and Enrichment Event set to take place at the upcoming Channel Partners Evolution Conference and Expo.

WiC's aim is to bring more attention, and more growth, to the topic of female leaders of operation and sales channels, and as such, offers a slate of networking events, mentoring-style programs and overall analysis on issues related to WiC's operations. Those interested in attending the event will be able to do so at no charge if currently a WiC member, and for non-members, a fee of $20 is assessed.

Meanwhile, GENBAND's involvement with WiC seems to have come around thanks to a personal connection; GENBAND's senior vice president of global marketing Bita Milanian is also a WiC board member. Milanian cites her “longtime” membership in WiC as being part of the move to support WiC, and Milanian also notes that this event will continue “...the tradition of great speakers discussing important topics, such as equal pay, that really resonate and reinforce WiC's mission.”

TelePacific Communications' telepartner program director and current WiC president Hilary Gadda commented, “Women in the Channel's networking event has become a must-attend for women interested in advancing their telecom and IT careers and businesses, and it would not be possible without the generosity of sponsors like GENBAND. Our grassroots organization relies on the support of companies like GENBAND that see the value in our educational, mentoring and community outreach programs aimed at empowering women in the channel.”

We've seen plenty of advancements in developing women in channel functions, and in technology fields in general; just recently, we got a look at Apple's own developments on that front, and we likely won't see the last of such developments either. Organizations like WiC are right on the front lines of making these advances happen, and with the support of groups like GENBAND involved, a successful conclusion may not be that far off. Meanwhile, those groups supporting such efforts get some positive public relations (PR) credit, which may be sufficient to make some new sales inroads where such weren't possible before.

Only ongoing vigilance will help groups like WiC get women into positions in the STEM fields, and there seems to be no shortage of that vigilance on hand now. For now, the WiC Networking Event should help drive some great new short-term development. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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